HAGI Student Chapter

HAGI is committed to empowering the geophysics and our Student Chapters are an excellent resource to increase interest among students of geophysics. Empower together the geophysics student around Indonesia to become more useful, competitive, attractive, struggling, and persistent. Providing opportunities for leadership, training, and cultivation of ideas, HAGI Student Chapters open the door for students to actively involve in HAGI activities as the next generation of HAGI.

HAGI Student Chapters empower students to gain their ability, ranging from leadership to academic part, that will boost by providing several trainings and challenges.

Forming HAGI Student Chapter

  1. Form a group of at least 10 students and one faculty advisor (All of them must be an active HAGI-member)

  2. Consist of maximum 3rd grade-student

  3. Write a petition letter on university letterhead to the HAGI President requesting to form a Chapter. A sample letter is available online at XXX
    Be sure to include the following in your letter:

    1. Interest in forming a Chapter

    2. Faculty Advisor information and Student Chapter mailing addresses

    3. Head of Department signature and Regional commission (KOMWIL) HAGI.

  4. Please check the update regional commission (KOMWIL) HAGI at XXX

  5. Elect officers, including President, Secretary, and Treasurer

  6. Upload a petition letter including your chapter-structure

  7. Do not forget to follow @infohagi on Instagram and LinkeDIn

  8. Create your chapter picture using the twibbon which is available online at XXX, and upload to the form, IG and LinkedIn

  9. Please use hashtag #CadreHAGI2021 #HAGISCHUNT, mention and tag official account HAGI on LinkendIn and Instagram with your motivation caption

  10. Submit the New HAGI Chapter Petition online form here.